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Our historical stock data has been carefully screened and put through a series of filters to ensure that it meets the high standard demanded by technical analysts.On September 16, 2008, failures of large financial institutions in the United States, due primarily to exposure of securities of packaged subprime loans and credit default swaps issued to insure these loans and their issuers, rapidly devolved into a global crisis resulting in a number of bank failures in Europe and sharp reductions in the value of equities (stock) and commodities worldwide.In addition, more recent economic events, such as the late-2000s financial crisis and August 2011 stock markets fall have prolonged this period.CN:SHCOMP - Shanghai Composite Index Basic Chart, Quote and financial news from the leading provider and award-winning

EODData brings you quality stock quotes and historical charting data to help set a solid foundation for your investment decisions.Simply type in the symbol and a historical date to view a quote and mini chart for.

Bush signs the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act into law, creating a Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to purchase failing bank assets.China stock market crash starts in June and continues into July and August.In fact, history suggests that small cap stocks. chart of a small cap.

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Lasting over 4 years, the bursting of the speculative bubble in shares led to further selling as people who had borrowed money to buy shares had to cash them in, when their loans were called in.The treasury bill rate is a 3-month rate and the trreasury bond is the constant maturity 10-year bond,.Download Covidien stock price history with daily open, high, low, close and volume data for the last 10 years.

Free end of day stock market data and historical quotes for.What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Wikidata item Cite this page.View stock charts and comparison charts for all the companies.

Follow the latest stock market trends and learn stock market statistics on Past performance does not guarantee future results.Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store.Historical Yield Curve:. says about economic growth and stock market. last chance to lock in 10% yields for the next few years. As is.Several advisors have given you some great stats on some historical performance.Lasting around a year, this share price fall was triggered by an economic recession within the Great Depression and doubts about the effectiveness of Franklin D.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffers its worst intra-day point loss, dropping nearly 1,000 points before partially recovering.

A Visual History of the Stock Market. investment instruments over the years.Use stock market historical data to analyze stocks and see how important market trends have repeated over the last 100 years.Last Value: 67. and Sentiment Economic Activity Indexes, Market Indexes.The Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) after they were unable to keep sterling above its agreed lower limit.

We provide data for all symbols on AMEX, ASX, BSE, CBOT, CFE, CME, COMEX, EUREX, EURONEXT, FOREX, HKEX, INDEX, KCBT, LIFFE, LSE, MGEX, MLSE, NASDAQ, NSE, NYBOT, NYMEX, NYSE, NZX, OTCBB, SGX, TSX, TSXV, USMF and WCE.Iraq invaded Kuwait in July 1990, causing oil prices to increase.

Also called the Great Crash or the Wall Street Crash, leading to the Great Depression.Initiated the Long Depression in the United States and much of Europe.The index lost more than 1,000 points over the course of last week,.Archive of statistics for the London Stock Exchange. Historical Statistics. Contain summarized year-end market data and charts,.The stock market performed very well for an investor who bought stocks. the average annual return from August 1982 to March.

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EODData is a leading provider of quality historical market data with easy to use download facilities at exceptional prices.Shares of First bank of US boom and bust in Aug and Sept 1791.Crestmont Research develops provocative insights on the financial markets, including the stock market,. of what has changed over the past five years.The top ranked index during the last year was the DAX Stock Index,.